#SpeedIdeation – Initial Poll

Let’s get this started!

This initial poll (see polldaddy form below) just to find out where you’d like to share ideas that we’ll discuss and select in a later (soon) stage.

If you’d like to go open, please select “Public” – this would then probably be this or a similar site

If you’d like to initially present internally (please remember, the final discussion and voting / selection of winner will be in public anyway) please select “Internally” – this would then be within a company site also made available to other participants (like e.g. engage.csc.com) and restricted to registered users.

Let me know – and please share your vote using #SpeedIdeation tag


Speed Ideation

We’re getting quite some traction here – looks like we rightfully have “speed” in the idea 🙂

So the project is set up (am still struggling a bit with wordpress.com portfolio pages but will get some help Wednesday night – thanks in advance, Thomas)

#SpeedIdeation is our hashtag (I can’t believe this one was not used before)

We’ll get our heads around the tasks at hand now and will continue to provide updates here – so stay tuned for future information



Speed Ideation Event – Do you want to join in?

In yesterday’s CSC TechTalk Soundbites we’ve discussed setting up a speed ideation event. Here some initial thoughts on getting this started – please comment with your suggestions.

a) Preparation

I still debate with myself (and probably have to take this also with colleagues and seniors) if the collection of issues & ideas to solve those should be done internally or publicly – at the moment I lean towards full external exposure, but this would require everybody to stick to a set of rules…let me have your thoughts on this.

b) Entering an idea

– Every idea should solve an issue – technical, business, social or whatever you deem appropriate
– Issue and idea how to solve will be explained by person or group entering the idea
– To be included in the documentation:
— Negative impact of issues
— Positive impact of suggested solution
— Probability of suggested solution solving the issue
— Efforts to shape, implement & manage solution

c) Timeline – all in one week

To keep this at the intended speed, there will be a window of 2 days to enter ideas (Monday & Tuesday), 2 days (Wednesday & Thursday) where all ideas are frozen but made available for public review, one or two hours on Friday where we will use #CrowdChat to defend and vote

d) What will happen afterwards?

This is the main topic we need to solve – although there’s already a great point in raising & justifying ideas, it would of course be way better if the chosen ones would be implemented; I’ll take this to the appropriate guys to check how we can inject into e.g. IRB or similar.


Again – please let me have your thoughts on this – and also (this is for @CSC colleagues) please let me know if you’d like to join in – there are quite a couple of tasks to be done to make this happen.




Update 2014-07-13: I activated portfolio on this site and created a new project. All future posts related to this project will be here (see also menu above)

CSC TechTalk Soundbites – Update

It’s been great as expected.

Jerry & Yogesh were walking us through the how, why and status followed by a pretty active CrowdChat. Some statistics:

Views: 786
Reach: 45.9K
Posts: 132

…all in about 30 minutes

Full transcript here

Lots of new ideas popped up during the chat – am looking forward to get some of those started



P.S. Proud to be today’s CrowdCaptain 🙂

CSC TechTalk Soundbites

In 30 minutes the 2nd CSC TechTalk Soundbites G+ and CrowdChat event will start.

Paul, Jerry & Yogesh will run us through the Ingenuity Worx program.

For those interested to listen in (first 25-30 minutes) – this is the link to G+ event:

2nd half of the event – as all of our TechTalk sessions will be hosted on CrowdChat:

Join in if interested – there’ll also be a YouTube (live & later)


Slightly disappointed

I have been so much looking forward to receiving my Fin Developer version, but now got informed by http://wearfin.com/ that there will be an additional delay (originally shipping date for the Dev version was May 2014).

I actually do have quite some ideas on using this ring in private and business life – hope I can publish an update soon.

Let me know who of is also waiting – or share experience in case you have already received a pre-version