The true source of legacy trouble is Windows

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It is a common understanding that Mainframes cause a lot of problems due to it’s legacy status. And true, many Mainframe systems need modernization and some get it. The vast majority of the Mainframe systems, though, are backend server systems that are hidden from the end users behind various user interfaces and adding APIs are often enough to add some years of useful life to the systems.

A lot of end user systems, on the other hand, were build around Windows and especially Internet Explorer specifics a decade or two back. These are the real troublesome legacy programs. They require that organizations keep otherwise outdated windows based client systems alive and they block for the BYOD/BYOT thinking.

It is well known that the Internet Explorer browser is old and does not support modern browser technologies very well if at all – that’s probably also why Microsoft have renamed the browser…

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…but what if there were no hypothetical situations…?

What if hundreds of CSCers around the globe would join forces to contribute to a global Technology Transformation?

What if all these colleagues would volunteer to do this in addition to day jobs, during nights and weekends?

What if this effort would be executed in an agile manner with the simple intention to make us better, to improve our customer experience, to increase focus on technology and how to apply technology to help our customers to boost their businesses?

What if objectives and deliverables would be defined and agreed upon within an extremely short time?

What if after a few weeks into the Technology Transformation Program we’d already now see first tangible results?

What if this would all be true?


Well, it is! – and it’s an exciting journey we’re undertaking here. I am proud of all colleagues contributing and taking lead.

Stay tuned – more to come soon