Challenge & Response – The @CSC #IceBucketChallenge Wall of Fame

Let’s see how long this list will be…..

Started with Dan challenging Rich:

Rich challenged me:

So I of course challenged the next set of colleagues:

Update 2014-08-21 (1): Soren’s response and new challenge

Update 2014-08-21 (2): Thomas’ response and new challenge

Update 2014-08-21 (3): Lewis’ fantastic spot

Update 2014-08-21 (4): Hayley – why do you challenge me less than 12 hours after my last one….?

Update 2014-08-21 (5): Ernesto – be aware it’s winter in Brazil

Update 2014-08-21 (6): Christian – thanks for keeping this going, mate

Lukas responding to Thomas’ challenge:

Thanks, Nabil:

I’ll link to more videos¬†as soon as available.


One-Gig-Band – Current Thoughts

So, with #SpeedIdeation having left this site I guess it’s about time to do some more thinking on this project.

I’ve chatted with a couple of befriended musicians and got really positive feedback and also some initial volunteers; not enough¬†yet though – need to e.g contact #GlobalJam members and a real lot of other bands to reach what I lay out as my new goal now:

#1 One-Gig-Band should actually be a big event, with a big bunch of musicians coming together for a 1 or 2-day concert
#2 While I’d hope a lot of bands join in, this should not be a festival with a row of bands playing, but rather a continuously changing mix of musicians from different bands performing together
#3 This will be a benefit event – no money to be made; all income above costs will be donated to charity

I am still targeting to set this up for late next year, so I’ll need a real lot of help; this is not my profession but just an idea I would love to come to life.

Please let me have your thoughts, let me know if you’d like to support, perform on stage or contribute in any other fashion.