About me

I spent all my professional life in IT (if I think about it, I  also spent quite an extensive part of my private life in IT – but that’s a different story)

In 2003 my old employer decided to outsource me (along with lots of colleagues) to CSC. Although I really do wish my former employer all the very best (and am still interested in their business), moving me over to my new home @CSC was probably the best thing the guys ever did for me

Over the years I have been in different positions within CSC, working in multiple industries and multiple geographies with a vast number of clients – and enjoyed every single day so far (not meaning it’s all been fun though)

I do embrace change, I am passionate about delivering value to our clients and love technology.

I also have a private life (as my friend Soren just reminded me). I do spend a lot of time reading, making music or listening to music, meeting up with friends (that’s extremely important to me – I do feel blessed having close friendships that last for decades already)

In May 2014 I got married (the party was a real blast) to my partner for 25 years – she’s awesome!

Feel free to reach out to me via email, twitter, G+ or comments on this site – I love getting in contact with new people to learn new perspectives – as one of my former bosses once said: “My life continues to be a constant learning experience” – and learning new stuff, new perspectives or new places & cultures (I also love traveling) is what makes (at least my) life worthwhile.


N.B.: All stated here reflects my own view – not necessarily CSC’s view or the view of any other organization or person that might be mentioned somewhere on this site.

One thought on “About me

  1. Is this Christian Fangmann from Maxdorf? If so this is Andrew your old pen-pal from the UK. I hope this finds you well and I would love to say hi!


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