Vodafone service improving

It happened again. 

When I woke up Monday morning my LTE connection was down. I checked – rebooted the router a few times without success other than at one point in time the router completely stopped responding and decided to not even try to boot anymore. I had to go on a quick business trip so I let my wife know she’ll not have internet at least until I return and hit the road.

From the car I called up @Vodafone help line and got connected quite fast. Nice lady talking to me; I explained the situation and also mentioned that I had complained about the router quite a few times already but did not even get an offer to replace. While we chatted she found out that the LTE base station covering my area was dead anyway, so I’d have to wait anyway. I agreed, came back to the router topic and she literally said:

“I can’t just decide to exchange the router, but I have access to it, will do some tests and then decide on proceedings”.

I mentioned I could not imagine her having access to a router that’s a) not booting and b) can’t connect as the LTE base station is down, but she was really sure she knows her business. She promised to keep me informed shortly and we hang up.

As expected I never heard back from her.

Tuesday evening (my wife kept nagging about not having internet at home) on my way home I called up @Vodafone again. Another nice lady (and this time I really mean it). I explained the situation again, she looked up the history, told me she could not understand why her colleague did not keep me informed, promised a fast exchange of the router (she even called back about 10 min later to confirm the new router was on its way), directly did a call routing from our home number to my cell,  gave us a nice data volume on my wife’s mobile to use as mobile hotspot until the new router arrives and was in general helpful, pleasant and knew her stuff.

Needless to say the new router arrived Thursday and I was back online after of course doing my in-house adjustments.

So @Vodafone: Thanks for getting better in support – I suggest you do a new survey on customer satisfaction, have the names of the service staff in the survey and start appropriate actions after receiving the rating.


Vodafone Reloaded

Sometimes I consider to just stop asking the “sense” question….VF – don’t get me wrong – I do like your services, otherwise I would not be a private customer for almost 20 years  and 20+ as a business customer – I just hope you take this (and the example I posted some days ago) as a hint to where you might want to consider changing / improving…

First things first (and this is really positive):

End of April last year Vodafone called me up to inquire if I would consider an early renewal / extension of my private cell phone contract; I had extended and upgraded (to get an iPhone for my better half who’s using this number) less than a year before that call. They made a really great offer: Same service, 10 EUR less per month plus a new phone. As our phones were pretty new I asked if I could have an iPad mini instead (again for my better half – she didn’t have a tablet at that time). VF responded extremely positively, I paid close to nothing for an iPad mini black 32GB.

An this was great until this Saturday!

Saturday morning my wife dropped the iPad mini – only about 30 cm, but it fell on the portable charger and damage on glass was pretty bad – all still functioning, but not usable. Well, Apple warranty of course out of question (dropped and out of warranty period), so I started to web-search and do some calls. It was actually the Apple web site reminding me my carrier might have a better repair service contract….so I called up Vodafone helpline….the following is a more or less literal transcript of the next 2 hours.

Call #1

– Get greeted by a friendly computer asking me for the reason of my call
– I started to answer – then moved over to press buttons – and got put on waiting line…..
– I dropped the waiting line after about 20 minutes and went for a coffee

Call #2 – about half an hour later

– Same friendly computer, I had learned my lesson and directly pressed buttons and then asked for human support
– 10 minutes listening to VF’s current favourite song
– Got handed over to department #1
– Went through credentials, explained situation, stated I am absolutely willing to pay for the repair
– Got a quote for the repair (60 EUR more than Apple’s quote) and – after breathing – asked if there was a chance to do an early renewal so I can get a new iPad instead
– Answer: Oh yes, that should be feasible – let me transfer you to department #2
– 10 minutes waiting line – same song….
– Department #2 answers phone, I explain the situation again and got this great answer: “I can only tell you which devices we have, It’s department #1’s job to find out if you qualify to get one – I will connect you back and you can tell them to please do their job!”
– Got transferred back – positive surprise: Instantly got connected to a new human being – less than 5 seconds waiting
– New person in department #1 – I explained situation, asked if I could get an early renewal to get a new iPad…….
– The guy was really nice, did a lot of research (I guess that’s what he’s been doing in between our seconds of conversations and 10s of minutes of listening to that great song)
– After about 15 minutes I had a positive feedback: Yes, you qualify for early renewal, you can get the iPad, but until you reach the date of official renewal it’s gonna be an additional 20EUR per month
– I did my quick math – that’s cheaper than the repair cost and confirmed my request and willingness to pay
– He went back to (I guess) filling out some forms….
– Got back to me about 5 minutes later with “All good – I’ll now transfer you to department #3 to finalise process and change contract”
– Transferral took about 5 minutes this time (great song btw if I forgot to mention…)
– Department #3 did all look-ups on my account, checked, confirmed, entered a lot of information in some screens and then transferred me to department #2 (yes, we’ve been there before) to finally select my gear
– I was now signalling my better half “All good – you’ll have a new pad in a few days”
– And now the final message from department #2: “You do not qualify for an iPad, as you only have a phone contract”
– Me: “Well, I ran through this with quite a lot of your colleagues in the last hour and they all said it’s good as the iPad was acquired through you”
– He: “That was a one-time marketing initiative, I can’t give you an iPad”
– Me” “Your colleague confirmed 2 minutes ago that all is good – I can – it’s all in the profile”
– He: I can only give you an iPad if you sign up for another data plan

I explained how satisfied I currently am with my VF plans (see my earlier post), hung up, and went for other options – getting the repaired iPad back mid next week…..

@Vodafone: Just to re-assure: This is not about making you look bad, as you do usually provide decent services (see above), but please check where you’d be willing to change…..