#SpeedIdeation Update 2014-07-22

As you probably noticed, the initial poll on where to run this is closed, final decision is “all public” as expected (and hoped for). We did ping the first customers asking for participation – this could really be a lot of fun with great results.

Things we’re working on right now:

– An easy form for those of you who’d like to pre-register an issue (targeting this weekend – but might be Sunday as Jethro Tull is playing in my area)
– Final date & time – still targeting Aug 11th as stated in previous post
– Spreading the word and invite more participants (please help!!!)

Some considerations on constraints:

– If this kicks off, there will be a time where we will not limit topics, but at the moment it’s probably best to limit for the first round.
– So: We will focus on IT stuff – no limitations here (but still keep in mind to spread the word as far as possible if you’d like to tackle a niche subject to make sure the respective experts are in the crowd)
– There are a real lot of other areas I personally would like to do some #SpeedIdeation on, but let’s focus on the above mentioned area first; I intend to get a next on social issues started soon

More tomorrow or Thursday


One thought on “#SpeedIdeation Update 2014-07-22

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