Day 5 – Train Stationed

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, today’s to be the train-day from Shanghai to Yichang. Before we drove to the train station our guide Pan XinHao (aka Hans) invited us to his favourite noodle restaurant in Shanghai’s Old Town to taste the real Shanghai traditional style – really great food in a restaurant that’s more than a hundred years old:

IMG 1099

The train station itself is impressive – as big as an airport, from time to time as crowded, some not-too-tough security checks and gladly (since we had to wait for about 2 hours until departure of our fast train to Yichang) equipped with coffee bars and a few shops.

IMG 1101

While writing those lines we are still on board the train, about 90 more minutes to Yichang – hoping the transfer to our ship won’t take too long. 

Soren – as you asked for it: The max speed we had today was 248km/h, most time we were around or shortly below 200km/h. Actually a really nice ride (although maybe a wee bit too long). Every seat in the train occupied with seats comfy enough for the length of the ride. In case we don’t get to the boat too late I might add some pictures from there – if not, stay tuned for tomorrow’s update from the Yangtze


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