Day 9 – Who’s our guide?

Another fantastic day on our tour!

The ship had arrived in Chongqing around 4am, so directly after an early brekkie our ship guide did introduce us to our Chongqing guide. After introductions we were informed he’d only be with us in Chongqing, i.e. the few hours before we board our flight to Xi’an. Nonetheless he did a great job and gave us a nice tour through a quite old part of Chongqing named Ciqikou. Chongqing itself is just massive, 6M people in the inner city, 34M in total, massive traffic, massive construction. 

Ciqikou is as stated a quite old part which was more or less unknown / forgotton until about 20 years ago when tourists that came for the three gorges dam discovered that hidden treasure. Of course this also means a lot of Ciqikou has turned into touristy areas, but still it’s the old houses (originals) with real local inhabitants and a breezel of boheme that makes it really interesting. A few pictures below:

IMG 7269

IMG 7277

IMG 7287

IMG 7307

IMG 7331

IMG 7353

Aside from the touristy areas there are some really nice streets where you can also see workers who are rebuilding and repairing some of the old houses (a few burned down in a fire about a year ago)

IMG 7365

IMG 7369

IMG 7371

IMG 7378

IMG 7389

IMG 7398

The tree above is about 140 years old – the scarf represents wishes for luck, long life, prosperity

IMG 7418

Due to the narrow roads people here rely on traditional ways of transporting material

From here we directly drove over to the airport to head to Xi’an. At the airport we were greeted by our next guide, Mrs Liu – who was only filling in until our official Xi’an guide, Mr. Li was available later in the evening. we had a quick tour around the city and then went to the old City Wall – which is really impressive. Our really nice temporary guide suggested we take a bike ride on the wall – that’s been a really fun experience; if you ever get here you have to do this.

IMG 7451

I should mention the great piece of work done here: All wood, but not a single nail!

IMG 7468

Now renting our bike:

IMG 7473

IMG 7472

IMG 7485

After the ride we had a really nice dinner and then saw a fantastic traditional Tang Dynasty theatre show. Also something we really recommend – check at At the theatre we also met our “real” guide for Xi’an – amongst others he’ll take us to the Terracotta Army tomorrow.

The theatre itself is gorgeous, the show plainly fantastic. The folks presented 10 different dances/songs/sceneries – I especially like No.9 where 6 percussionists first imitated the sound of ducks and then an approaching tiger – I could really see the pictures forming in my head by listening to the incredible sounds they were producing with their instruments; real artists:

IMG 7510

IMG 7524

IMG 7532

IMG 7539

IMG 7544

IMG 7562

Now for the final and as mentioned above my favourite of this show:

IMG 7568

Hope you liked what you saw here – stay tuned


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