Day 12 – A dream comes true (2)

IMG 8067

As long as I have been waiting to see the Terracotta Army (see Day 10), my wife wanted to see the Great Wall of China – and today we made it! After early breakfast we picked up the other couple (really nice – explanation will come when I fill in the blanks for day 11) and drove over to the tourist entry point to the Great Wall. We decided to take the south path on the Wall, pretty steep at some points, but less crowded than the easier north path. It’s been an incredible experience walking this ancient world heritage – see yourself:

IMG 8078

IMG 8080

IMG 8082

Although it’s been cloudy the sight was terrific and got even more intense, when mist started to crawl up the hills:

IMG 8083

IMG 8088

Still some way to go:

IMG 8093

IMG 8098

A song for the Wall could be “The long and winding road: (Yes, really it’s not “The” Wall, but a series of walls built over 2000+ years)

IMG 8099

IMG 8103

Just to show how steep this is at points:

IMG 8106

IMG 8110

IMG 8121

IMG 8130

IMG 8133

This was the end point of our walk on The Wall – we headed back to our starting point. It’s been just great!

IMG 8143

IMG 8146

IMG 8151

IMG 8167

IMG 8187

If anyone needs more pictures – let me know – I have “a few” 😉

After this fantastic hike we headed for the Ming Tombs – some nice views also on the way (especially now with the sky clearing)

IMG 8226

IMG 8228

IMG 8229

At the Ming Tombs, we started taking the Main Sacred Way before entering the Changling – what a wonderful park, see yourself:

IMG 8234

IMG 8237

IMG 8243

IMG 8246

IMG 8249

IMG 8255

IMG 8261

IMG 8266

IMG 8276

The Changling, built by the 3rd emperor of the Ming dynasty, is 600 years old, very impressive:

IMG 8289

27 pillars, each made of a single tree:

IMG 8291

IMG 8295

The following picture shows how the marble was transported in ancient times. Only in winter, a well was drilled every 500m, water spilled on the ground, when frozen the marble was pulled over the ice:

IMG 8303

IMG 8312

IMG 8314

One detail of the wooden roof:

IMG 8322

IMG 8328

IMG 8338

After the Ming Tombs we had a quick photo stop at the Bird’s Nest (Olympic site):

IMG 8341

IMG 8348

We ended the day at a fantastic Kung Fu show, unfortunately no pictures allowed, but definitely worth seeing. I’ll search for the link to the show (which has been traveling internationally since 10+ years) and post then – if you get the chance to see it here in Beijing or on tour somewhere, I can highly recommend!

That’s it for now – stay tuned for updates


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