Day 14 – Sad but glad

IMG 1341

I can’t believe this is already our last day. Referring to the title: we’re sad it’s over, but we’re so glad we made the trip (I really don’t think, this is the last time)

I will do a more detailed reflection over the next couple of days, but let me say already here: We had the great opportunity to learn a real lot about a fantastic culture (especially from our guides, naming Mr XinHao and Mr Tan as the outstanding ones), met really great people over the last 2 weeks, saw great architecture, did some deep dive into Chinese (garden) art and had (with the exception of Day 11 – I’ll write about that soon) the time of our life!

We had a really relaxed day today (also could not take too many good pics as my camera still refuses to take up work again), moved from the tour hotel over to our last resort downtown Beijing, did some last-minute shopping and sightseeing with a crystal clear blue sky and late October sun above us.

After arriving at the downtown, central hotel, we took a cab over to Wangfujing road; mainly a really western style modern shopping street, but also some (a bit touristy, but safe) bazar-like, more traditional area:

IMG 1321

IMG 1319

IMG 1315

IMG 1317

IMG 1328

IMG 1330

We also found a great spot to sit with a cold brew for a few minutes:

IMG 1324

I took the pic below in front of a shoe store in business since 1902:

IMG 1327

After returning to the hotel we just walked for some time around the area:

IMG 1344

IMG 1346

IMG 1352

IMG 1356

IMG 1358

What kind of really got at me was the huge discrepancies shown in a really close area. The following picture sets (two per set) were taken at the same spot – first pic to the left of the road, second to the right:

IMG 1361

IMG 1362

IMG 1364

IMG 1366

Now, looking at the next pic, make an educated guess: Left of right side of the road?

IMG 1368

Still, crossing the bridge got me the chance for my more or less final photos of the trip:

IMG 1372

IMG 1373

We’re now sitting in the hotel lounge, from time to time going outside to enjoy the view from the balcony:

IMG 1378

It’s been (as stated above) a fantastic journey – I can’t wait to be back in China to experience more of this great culture and folks.

I will continue to reflect on the trip here – but of course not on a daily basis anymore.


Stay tuned – thanks for reading and all your comments & likes.


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