Project: One-Gig-Band

One-Gig-Band – Current Thoughts August 2, 2014 - So, with #SpeedIdeation having left this site I guess it’s about time to do some more thinking on this project. I’ve chatted with a couple of befriended musicians and got really positive feedback and also some initial volunteers; not enough yet though – need to e.g contact #GlobalJam members and a real lot of other bands … Continue reading One-Gig-Band – Current Thoughts



Although I recently joined a great band, acting as emergency keyboard or guitar (depends on who from the real members is missing) I think I need to do another event-type band. So I think I’ll reach out to my musician network to start a one-gig-band with the gig itself to be sometime next summer. These … Continue reading One-Gig-Band

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