Way too long…..

…since I found (made?) the time to blog here (or actually also on some other blogs I write for).

Anyway – as this is my day off (kind of – at least it’s my birthday) this is the chance to promise myself to blog more.

=> New project: I’ll build my own guitar!

Will post pics soon; my great wife followed my wish and gave me a “build-your-own-guitar-kit” as today’s present. I had thought about doing this for quite a while already and now decided it’s finally time to stop thinking and just start doing.

Although this first attempt at building an own instrument is based on a kit, I already have some things in mind to really make this piece kind of unique – i.e. I will ask my uncle (he’s a great artist – check www.maler-helmut-ried.de) to paint it using his fantastic abstract methodology. I really hope he loves the project and will support (I guess he will).

Don’t know how long this will take, I guess 3-4 months should be feasible if no real issues, but one never knows when starting something completely new.

Stay tuned on pics & progress report while I will occupy my spare time with reading on how others overcame obstacles while doing/trying the same.


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