Package is open

I have been traveling since I got the kit, so no real progress other than thoughts (but isn’t imagination a real big portion of the fun? – Like sports – half of it is mindset, that’s the 50% I do)

Anyway – I did promise a pic – so here it is:


I did not yet talk to my uncle (see previous post) on this, but I did have some thoughts – if you want to challenge me with better ideas – go ahead and post:

My current view on design (I will of course also take any recommendation on tech stuff – but in the end I will try to match my own sound expectations) is right now an abstract pic showing a view from stage into audience; i.e. people, light, night sky.

Challenge me – just use the comment feature. Final word will of course be with the my uncle who has to do the art.

I should be home this weekend (at least for part of it) and will then unpack more of the kit and share details.


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