Day 1 – Relaxed

We had a great afternoon. Went to see the Old Town of Shanghai for some time, just walking around. The combination of ancient and brand new is just terrific. Took some pics:

The Old Tea House.JPG

This is the old Tea House in Shanghai; pretty crowded place around it, but absolutely worth visiting. 

Later the afternoon, following a friend’s recommendation, we went over to the Captain’s Bar to enjoy the beautiful view across the river:

View from Captain's Bar.JPG

Now sitting in hotel bar, getting ready for tomorrow

(Apologies should not all images load – quite some trouble getting them uploaded….)



6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Relaxed

  1. Thought I recognised that building 🙂 Looks like the weather is with you – enjoy both of you, Shanghai is a very interesting city beautiful in its own right with a quite unique skyline. Have they finished building on the “new side” of the river?


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