Day 2 – Surprise

Well, sometimes one gets lucky. Today was the official start of our tour. I need to admit, I was a bit worried about the size of the group, i.e. we just didn’t know how many people we’d be for the next 12 days. Early afternoon we met our tour guide – and learned that we’re the only 2 😉 Great surprise!

But before we met with our guide we took a short stroll through Nanjing Road (main shopping road):


Really interesting area – with a few nice spots to sit outside and have a coffee or drink – or just sit:

Nanjing 1.JPG

Always interesting architecture to view:

Nanjing 2.JPG

At the end of the road a small art park. Saw some great sculptures there:

Nanjing 3.JPG

Talking about culture: German culture found its way into Nanjing Road (Couldn’t resist)

Nanjing 4.JPG

Walking back I saw for the first time in my life how construction work can be done differently – including the necessary safety equipment. Later we also saw the pile of material for the next construction. Honestly: I like that!

Nanjing 5.JPGNanjing 6.JPG

Plus a real great balcony opposite side of the road:

Nanjing 7.JPG

Later today (after meeting our guide) we had a quick tour around the city including Shanghai’s Wall Street and a short walk on the Bund:

Wall Street 1.JPG Bund 1.JPG

The view on Shanghai’s Skyline from the Bund is terrific as you can see on this pic:

Bund Skyline.JPG

We then decided to drive over to Jin Mao Tower for a breathtaking view from 88th floor (340m):



I especially like the view from the observatory in the inside of the tower:


Final pic for today’s post (who can name all three towers?)


So, this was great – we are really looking forward to the next days.


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