Package is open

I have been traveling since I got the kit, so no real progress other than thoughts (but isn’t imagination a real big portion of the fun? – Like sports – half of it is mindset, that’s the 50% I do)

Anyway – I did promise a pic – so here it is:


I did not yet talk to my uncle (see previous post) on this, but I did have some thoughts – if you want to challenge me with better ideas – go ahead and post:

My current view on design (I will of course also take any recommendation on tech stuff – but in the end I will try to match my own sound expectations) is right now an abstract pic showing a view from stage into audience; i.e. people, light, night sky.

Challenge me – just use the comment feature. Final word will of course be with the my uncle who has to do the art.

I should be home this weekend (at least for part of it) and will then unpack more of the kit and share details.


Way too long…..

…since I found (made?) the time to blog here (or actually also on some other blogs I write for).

Anyway – as this is my day off (kind of – at least it’s my birthday) this is the chance to promise myself to blog more.

=> New project: I’ll build my own guitar!

Will post pics soon; my great wife followed my wish and gave me a “build-your-own-guitar-kit” as today’s present. I had thought about doing this for quite a while already and now decided it’s finally time to stop thinking and just start doing.

Although this first attempt at building an own instrument is based on a kit, I already have some things in mind to really make this piece kind of unique – i.e. I will ask my uncle (he’s a great artist – check to paint it using his fantastic abstract methodology. I really hope he loves the project and will support (I guess he will).

Don’t know how long this will take, I guess 3-4 months should be feasible if no real issues, but one never knows when starting something completely new.

Stay tuned on pics & progress report while I will occupy my spare time with reading on how others overcame obstacles while doing/trying the same.


Call for Virtual Toast – #Wine@Nine

With a lot of us traveling so much, I just thought of starting a global virtual toast initiative.

So: If you have a glass of wine at 9pm at the location you currently are, take a picture of it and send via twitter (along with name / description / your evaluation of that wine) using the tag #Wine@Nine

N.B.: Don’t drink & drive


Challenge & Response – The @CSC #IceBucketChallenge Wall of Fame

Let’s see how long this list will be…..

Started with Dan challenging Rich:

Rich challenged me:

So I of course challenged the next set of colleagues:

Update 2014-08-21 (1): Soren’s response and new challenge

Update 2014-08-21 (2): Thomas’ response and new challenge

Update 2014-08-21 (3): Lewis’ fantastic spot

Update 2014-08-21 (4): Hayley – why do you challenge me less than 12 hours after my last one….?

Update 2014-08-21 (5): Ernesto – be aware it’s winter in Brazil

Update 2014-08-21 (6): Christian – thanks for keeping this going, mate

Lukas responding to Thomas’ challenge:

Thanks, Nabil:

I’ll link to more videos as soon as available.


One-Gig-Band – Current Thoughts

So, with #SpeedIdeation having left this site I guess it’s about time to do some more thinking on this project.

I’ve chatted with a couple of befriended musicians and got really positive feedback and also some initial volunteers; not enough yet though – need to e.g contact #GlobalJam members and a real lot of other bands to reach what I lay out as my new goal now:

#1 One-Gig-Band should actually be a big event, with a big bunch of musicians coming together for a 1 or 2-day concert
#2 While I’d hope a lot of bands join in, this should not be a festival with a row of bands playing, but rather a continuously changing mix of musicians from different bands performing together
#3 This will be a benefit event – no money to be made; all income above costs will be donated to charity

I am still targeting to set this up for late next year, so I’ll need a real lot of help; this is not my profession but just an idea I would love to come to life.

Please let me have your thoughts, let me know if you’d like to support, perform on stage or contribute in any other fashion.


#SpeedIdeation Update 2014-07-30

Although I am a bit late with this update which I originally promised for Sunday, we still made quite some progress over the last couple of days:

– We’ve set up the CrowdChat page:
– Some cleaning up of my site to cater for easier access to #SpeedIdeation information (please also see menu item above)
– Some of the new pages will be populated with content in the coming days
– We’re contacting customers and partners to chime in
– We’re also working on the team rooms on this site to provide a discussion / brainstorming / documentation space dedicated to issue-communities

Next update soon


#SpeedIdeation – 1st Crowd Event on August 11, 10am EDT

So: We’ve settled on the date & time we targeted – it’ll be on August 11, 10am EDT, 4pm CEDT – still hope this time is good enough for most of you around the globe.

Final link to CrowdChat will be available soon – Thanks Heather and John for your great support here!

What’s next now:

– We keep going with the (easy, but still needs to be done) template for the folks who wish to pre-register an issue
– We’ll get the chat site configured
– We’ll work on this blog site to cater for team rooms to work in communities for follow-up tasks (see earlier posts – we don’t expect all issues to be solved right now, but to find folks willing to form a virtual team to get that stuff done)
– We’ll spread the word

What can you do:

– Spread the word (i.e. retweet, forward link etc)
– Gather your issues in case you have and pre-register (as soon as open) to get the experts informed
– Book the slot in your calendar
– Team up already now with those friends & colleagues who’d like to run with you in a solution team or just hesitate to participate on their own for whatever reason 

Who should participate:

– Everybody interested in either getting an IT issue solved or in helping to solve
– Each of you who’d like to work in fast moving environments and new communities

Special task for #CSC AGMs, SREs or other customer facing roles:

– Get our customers to participate and raise issues – here’s the chance to get a global community to jointly work on their current issues

I’ll see Jethro Tull tomorrow, so next post probably only on Sunday (or maybe late Saturday)